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The Public Is Urged To Exercise Caution When Parking During Carnival

The local Police Force has appealed to persons attending Carnival Shows to be vigilant and take precautions, to ensure that they are protected from criminal elements. The word of caution came from Sergeant Hezron Ballantyne, during the On the Beat programme, aired on NBC Radio on Monday night. Sergeant Ballantyne advised persons to move around… Continue Reading →

Diabetics Are Urged To Take Extra Proper Care Of Their Feet

Persons suffering from Diabetes are being urged to conduct regular inspections of their feet to avoid the risk of developing foot ulcers, which often leads to amputations. The advice came from Diabetic Foot Health Practitioner, Janice Oliver, during NBC’s face to Face programme this week. People with diabetes and people with poor circulation are more… Continue Reading →

The Public Is Being Urged To Visit District Dental Clinics More Frequently

Dental Health Awareness Week is being observed here this week under the theme “Good Oral Health the Gateway to a Healthier You”. Dental Surgeon Dr. Rochelle King says during the week they will seek to create awareness about Periodontitis, which is a gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports… Continue Reading →