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Flow And The CDC Vincy Mas Collaboration

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) and Columbus Communications SVG ltd, will be collaborating this year to promote Vincy Mas 2015. This year’s Vincy Mas celebrations, will not only be available via Pay-Per-View for Vincentians, but regionally on FLOW’s Channel 100, in islands served by Flow. The announcement was made by Chairman of the Carnival Development… Continue Reading →

Marlon Stevenson On The Vincy Mas Celebration Launch

The Carnival Development Corporation, CDC will be introducing a celebration train as the major innovation for the launch of Vincy Mas this year. Word of this came from the CDC’s Co-ordinator of Shows, Marlon Stevenson, during a News Conference hosted by the CDC this week. Mr. Stevenson said the celebration train will feature winners from… Continue Reading →