February 29, 2024

Cassius Cruickshank

1:00 – 6:00 p.m. (Monday– Friday) – The Double R Show / Carnival Rhythms (During Carnival Season) & “On the Road” Show

An eclectic mix of high energy music designed to keep you moving and tapping your feet on the job especially after lunch. It sets the mood for the afternoon and the commute from work/school to home and keeps you awake and alert. The music is interspersed with headline news and sports updates on the hour, interviews, giveaways.

About Cassius

Cassius Cruickshank was born in Upper Long Layne Kingstown. A March-born, he started working in radio in 1998 on WEFM 99.9. He has also had stints at First FM 100.5, Cross Country Radio, Total FM 100.5, (SVGBC) Ezee Radio 102.7 and Boom SVG 106.9 (First Incarnation). Cassius started his career at NBC Radio as a Freelancer and was made a permanent member of staff in 2018 as an Announcer/Operator. Prior to this, he tried his hands at several occupations from construction, office management, bartending, to working on the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

A graduate of the St. Vincent Grammar School, Cruickshank is a COMPtia Certified I.T. Technician, with an excellent skillset in the creation and production of commercials and voice-over talent.

During his on-air shifts, you can catch a glimpse of his personality through his music selections because of his love for music and what he does. He connects on a personal level with his audience, using warm greetings and one-on-one conversations, so that if you’re home alone, you feel as if he’s talking to you.

“I love music. I mean, I love music”. He loves all genres of music, as music is intended to soothe, calm and inspire, so too, I use music to inspire, spread love and joy. My wife and children though, they inspire me to do my best- they’re my true inspiration. Cassius, having found his niche in the world, LOVES being on the radio. “It’s been great!”