September 28, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How long has NBC Radio been around?
A: We have been around as a corporation since July of 1986 but we can trace our roots back to the 1950’s.

Q: How can I listen to NBC Radio?
A: 107.5 and 90.7 on the FM band and Streaming online at

Q: How can I place an ad on NBC Radio?
A: Call our Sales team at 457-1111.

Q: How do I place an obituary on NBC and what’s the cost?
A: Simple, you come in and fill out a form, you get the first two subsequent announcements free. The cost is $30 plus VAT per airing and a rate of 50 cents plus VAT per name, this cost also includes having a photo of your loved one and the announcement places on our website.

You also need to provide a death certificate to confirm the death of the loved one you wish for us to announce.

Q: How does NBC radio fund its operations?
A: Our operations are funded by advertisers and subventions from the Government.

Q: How does NBC give back to the country it serves?
A: We do this by staging our yearly “Love Boogie” to replenish the funds of the National Medical Fund, these funds are used to assist persons seeking medical treatment abroad and can’t afford it.