The Public Health Department will continue to make daily routine visits throughout the nation to further intensify its inspection services.

As the Christmas Season approaches a high point, the Public Health Department will moving this week to further intensify its inspection services throughout the nation, with particular emphasis on food and meat hygiene and vector control.

Public Health Officers will continue to make daily routine visits within Kingstown and its environs, including the ports of entry, to ensure that food entering the state and food offered for sale are in compliance with Public Health requirements.

The Department says there is an increasing tendency for supermarkets and similar retail food establishments to offer for sale re-packaged pieces of uncooked cut dry smoked ham. It said these are often recognized as small pieces of ham encased in plastic wrapping at an affordable price.

It stressed that this practice is not acceptable, because it allows for the introduction and growth of pathogens and spoilage organisms, especially when stored at room temperature for a very long time.

The Department is therefore appealing again to retail food establishments to desist from this practice.