Going For The Gold! Get Vaccinated

The Ministry Health, Wellness and the Environment will be hosting several activities next week as it joins the Pan American Health Organization to commemorate Vaccination Week in the Americas under the theme GOING FOR THE GOLD! GET VACCINATED,

The Ministry says the week is aimed at promoting Immunization as one of the best public health interventions, as well as to update the immunization status of the general population

Vaccination Week in the Americas is an annual initiative in countries and territories of the Americas to highlight the work of national expanded programs on immunization (EPI) and increase access to vaccination services.

The activities will begin on Sunday with a National Radio Address by the Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment Luke Browne

Tuesday, 26th April has been dubbed Global Switch Day: On this day all health centers will switch from trivalent oral polio to bivalent oral polio.

On Friday a Health Fair will be held at the Old Public Library and on Saturday there will be an Immunization fitness and fun walk, from the Kingstown Preparatory School to Roundabout and back.