Bigger, Better Vincy Mas

Cecil Mckie, Minister of Culture said work has already commenced to ensure that Vincy Mass 2017 is bigger and more successful than any previous hosting of the festival.

This statement was made during last evening’s Award and Prize Giving ceremony for the winners of the various competitions held during the 2016 Carnival celebrations.

Ricardo Adams, new Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), said while there are challenges ahead, he is committed to developing the product of Vincy Mas while he works along with all of the stakeholders. Members of the previous boards were thanked for bringing Vincy Mas to the high level it has reached over the years and the new board will work to continue the growth of Vincy Mas in the best interest of the entire country.

All of the stakeholders were commended for a great festival this year by Dennis Ambrose, Former Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) and he also encouraged everyone to be even more creative to continue the growth of the festival for years to come.

The June/July Vincy Mas Festival 2017 will mark the 40th Anniversary and Minister Mckie said they are currently working to enhance all of the components of Carnival celebrations.