No Miss Carival

This year the Carnival Development Corporation CDC will not be staging the Miss Carival Pageant.

The new Chairman of the CDC, Ricardo Adams, made the announcement during a Media Launch hosted by the CDC last night, to unveil the programme to commemorate the 40th anniversary of June/July Mas.

Mr. Adams explained that the CDC is taking a break from the Show to carry out some restructuring. He noted that the Miss Carival show will be replaced by EVO 4.0 this year which is the 40th Birthday Party.

He said that they are going to take what has been the best of Vincy Mas for the last 40 years and package it into the Vincy Mas 40th Birthday Party.

Mr. Adams said the CDC will also be making some changes to Mardi Gras, by taking it out of the Victoria Park. He noted that they intend to have a moving street party so persons could demonstrate the creativity of the artisans and they can get to the streets earlier to move around and around Kingstown.