Fathers’ Role Conference

A programme which is aimed at getting more Fathers involved in the education of their children, will be hosted this month by the CW Prescod Primary School.

Patsy-Ann Garraway, Counselor at the School, said a Fathers’ Conference will be held on Thursday May 25th at Frenches House, from 4:15pm.

The Conference will be held under the theme, “Bridging the Gap”.

Mrs. Garraway said the aim of the Conference is enlighten Men about the important roles which they need to play as Fathers.

Mrs. Garraway said the Conference will feature a number of speakers who will make presentations on topics such as “The Importance of Fathers in Today’s Society” and “Fathers as Mentors, Bridging the Gap”.

She said Fathers of children who attend other Schools in the area are also invited to attend the Conference.