Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident of Aggravated Burglary and wounding, which occurred at New Montrose last week Thursday August 30th, at about 12:40pm.

Police say, according to reports, three men entered the dwelling house of a New Montrose resident as trespassers and stole 140-EC dollars in cash, one Black Alcatel Pixi 4 cellular phone, valued at 222-EC dollars 47-cents and one Blue Max Cellular phone valued 79EC dollars.

Police say, at the time of the incident the Burglars had with them an offensive weapon in the form of a cutlass”, with which they used to wound the complainant by chopping him on the right side of his head.

Police are urging persons who may have knowledge of the incident or possess information that would assist in the investigation, to contact the officer in charge of the Criminal Investigations Department, CID at 456-1810.