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2015 National Science and Technology Fair

The 2015 National Science and Technology Fair will culminate today at the Girl Guide Headquarters at Level Gardens. This year’s Exhibition is being held under the theme: Scientific and Technological Literacy: An Imperative for a Green Vincentian Society. The Education Officer responsible for Science in the Ministry of Education Amaala Mohammed, who is also the… Continue Reading →

VINLEC Makes Doing Business Easier With New Online Features

This country’s lone Electricity Provider, VINLEC is offering customers two new features – an E-Billing system and check out your bill balance online. Speaking on NBC’s Face to Face Program this week, Communications Officer Tamara Jobe-Sprott said this is in keeping with improving the services offered to customers. She said customers will be introduced to… Continue Reading →

VINLEC Announces Further Reduction In The Fuel Surcharge Rate

Chief Executive Officer of the St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited, Thornley Myer,s says Consumers will see a significant reduction in their February Bills. Speaking on NBC’s Face to Face Program this morning, Mr. Myers said this is the lowest fuel surcharge this country has had since October 2009 He said reduction is as a result… Continue Reading →