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Children Are Being Encouraged To Enter The I-Squared Competition

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) is appealing to parents throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines to encourage their children to participate in this year’s I-square Competition. This call was made by Universal Service Fund (USF) Project Officer at the NTRC, Shanka Edwards. The I-square Competition is geared towards allowing students from Secondary and Tertiary… Continue Reading →

Building A Stong Nutritional Foundation For Children

Chief Education Officer, Lou Ann Gilchrist has emphasized the importance of establishing a strong foundation, to ensure that the nation’s children grow into healthy, productive citizens. Miss Gilchrist made the point, as she addressed participants at the start of workshop on Early Childhood Education on Tuesday June 9th. She said the enabling circumstances need to… Continue Reading →

Physical Education Teacher On Children Inactivity

Physical Education teacher at The Campden Park Secondary School, Theon Gordon, says that safety concerns can cause parents to keep their children away from outside physical activities. Gordon, speaking on NBC Radio’s “Views on Issues” programme, says that sometimes parents prefer to have their children home on the computer, rather than letting them join a… Continue Reading →

Challenges Faced By The Ministry In Solving The Problem Overweight Children In SVG

Chief Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment Andrea Robin has outlined the challenges which the Ministry is encountering in addressing the problem of overweight children. Mrs. Robin raised the issue, during NBC’s Views On Issues programme on Sunday, which examined the topic: Developing Health Lifestyles for Children Through Nutrition and Play…. Continue Reading →

The Ministry Of Education Is Said To Be Grappling With Problems Of Antisocial Behavior In Schools

That’s according to Chief Education Officer, Louanne Gilchrist, who was delivering an address at the National Awards Ceremony yesterday at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown. She said there needs to be an all hands on deck approach to address the issue of ill-discipline. Meanwhile … Chief Executive Officer of LIME St. Vincent Limited, Leslie… Continue Reading →

Auntie G Charitable Children Organization Annual Fun Day Promises To Be Fantastic

The Community of Georgetown will come alive with action this Saturday December 6th, as the Auntie G Charitable Children Organization hosts its 8th Annual Christmas Fun Day. Georgette Nanton from the Auntie G Charitable Children Organization tells NBC News that every year they host this program and this year will be no exception. She said… Continue Reading →