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Lazaras Foundation To Host A Rastafari Women’s Conference

The Lazaras Foundation will be hosting a Rastafari Women’s Conference this weekend with the aim of bringing together Rastafari women from throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Conference will be held on Saturday July 25th, at the Red Cross Headquarters from 9 AM, under the theme “Together we aspire, together we achieve”. Director of… Continue Reading →

The local Rastafarian community will hosts a major event this weekend to commemorate Rastafari Day.

The Carnegie Building in Kingstown will be a hive of activity this weekend when the local Rastafarian community hosts a major event  to commemorate Rastafari Day. This Saturday November 16th, Rastafarians from throughout the country will come together to host their first ever All-day Exhibition and Cultural Showcase. One of the members of the Organizing… Continue Reading →