LIME 4G Netball Results

Vita Malt Maple defeated French Verandah X-CEED 57-48 yesterday at the Kingstown Netball Center at New Montrose to advance to the Division (1) League Final of the 2014 LIME 4G National Netball Championships.

Vita Malt Maple will now meet Western Union Mitres in the Final on June 11th.

Also yesterday, Western Union Mitres’ goal shooter Gailene Gordon with 62 goals from 75 attempts won the Individual Shooting Competition.

Second was Skiddy Francis-Crick of Vita Malt Maple with 60 from 71 tries and 3rd, Thelma Foster also of Vita Malt Maple with 56 from 77 attempts.

The team Shooting Competition was won by Vita Malt Maple with 116 goals from 148 attempts, Western Union Mitres second with 101 from
138 tries and third, French Verandah X-CEED with 84 goals from 126 tries.