Garifuna Awe

The Garifuna Heritage Foundation said Vincentians will be in awe when they witness what is in store for this year’s International Garifuna Summit which will take place from March 6th to the 15th to coincide with National Heroes and Heritage Month.

This year’s activities will take under the theme: Celebrating Our Indigenous History, Heritage and Cultures – From Mainland to Islands and Return: Strengthening links, Forging networks, Claiming Ancestral Space.

Deboroh Dalrymple, Head of the University of the West Indies Open Campus, said they have already started developing the panel which will be put in place for the Annual Garifuna conference and the team of speakers will be very knowledgeable on the topics to be covered. She said persons who attend the conference will leave with a wealth of knowledge.

Julian Pilling Pollard, Cultural Ambassador, also stated that they will once again be erecting a Garifuna Village on the grounds of the Carnegie Building formerly the old public library and he know the nation will be continuously educated about the Garifuna people at this village.

Meanwhile, Dance Development Officer in the Ministry of Culture and Coordinator of the Schools Garifuna Folk Festival said this year they are expecting to see a continued increase in the number of schools participating in the festival which will take place at the Victoria Park on Friday March 10th.