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The Forestry Department in the Ministry of Agriculture is appealing to people to be mindful as to how they use the nation’s forested areas for recreational purposes. This appeal was made by Senior Forestry Supervisor, Cornelius Richards, who said they want to have some level of control brought to this development. Mr. Richards said while… Continue Reading →


Vincentians have been urged by the Forestry Services within the Ministry of Agriculture – to ensure that they are prepared for the Hurricane season. The encouragement came from Senior Forestry Supervisor, Cornelius Richards – who said that people often wait until the last minute, to have their overhanging trees cut. Mr. Richards is however appealing… Continue Reading →


An appeal has been made to persons here, to plant more trees in order to ensuring that the nation remains green. The appeal came from Cornelius Richards, Senior Forestry Supervisor, within the Forestry Department attached to the Ministry of Agriculture. Mr. Richards said they continue to see Vincentians becoming more involved in Tree Planting exercises,… Continue Reading →


Senior Forestry Supervisor, Cornelius Richards said they recently had to address an issue on Petit Canouan where people were lighting fires to harvest wild bird eggs. He said while people traditionally harvest bird eggs on this island, the using of fire was not an issue before and using fire to hunt animals has many negative… Continue Reading →


The Forestry Department is reminding hunters that the Hunting Season for Mammals and Reptiles officially ended yesterday. Senior Forestry Supervisor, Cornelius Richards said yesterday, while the Hunting Season has ended for these animals, it will continue until the end of February for Birds. Richards says people have a three-day grace period until February 4th to… Continue Reading →

Earth Day

Issues relating to environmental protection will be highlighted this weekend as the global community observes Earth Day on Saturday April 22nd. Cornelius Richards, Senior Forestry Supervisor, said numerous communities celebrated an entire week of activities which focused on environmental issues that the world faces. Speaking on NBC’s Face to Face programme this morning, Mr. Richards… Continue Reading →