The Rose Place community has been identified by the National Trust as an area that is rich in heritage

The ccommunity has been identified by the National Trust as an area that is rich in heritage and the organization will be seeking to  enhance the aesthetic appearance of the area, while seeking to preserve the legacy of the community.

Chairperson of the National Trust, Louise Mitchell-Joseph says Rose Place has been recognized because it features most of the traditional wooden architecture which was prominent in the country during the 19th and the 20th Centuries.

Mrs. Mitchell-Joseph says the Trust is seeking funding to promote the preservation of these old houses.  She said funding for the project is not yet in place, but the Trust is collaborating with other organisations to enhance essential facilities in the community.

Mrs. Mitchell-Joseph said the refurbishment of the public toilet facilities in Rose Place is now about 80% complete, and at a recent meeting involving residents of the area, the idea was put forward for a mural to be painted on the walls.