Lion Fish Derby Results

Team Green Diamond won the $500 cash prize for bringing in the most lionfish, while team Kevisha got $300 for second place and team Grenadines Dive claimed $200 for the third place.

The $250 cash prize for the single largest lionfish went to team Kevisha with a fish that was 15 ½ inches long while team Grenadines Dive also earned $250 for getting the smallest lionfish, which was 5 ½ inches long.

During the event, volunteers from the Mayreau Regatta and Sporting Committee handed out Lionfish Quick Fact sheets to the crowd.

And, organisers say St. Vincent’s Serenity Dive staff were not able to be at the First Annual Union Island Lionfish Derby, but participated from their location near Calliaqua.

Their catch for the day was verified and documented by staff of the Fisheries Division.

Vaughn Martin and his staff brought in 27 lionfish, weighing 14.26 pounds. The largest was 14 ¼-inches in length and the smallest was 7 ½-inches.