Finalist For Best New Song

The Carnival Development Corporation, CDC, has announced the names of the Finalists who would be competing in the Best New Song competition scheduled for Saturday May 3rd, at the official launch of Vincy Mas 2014.

In the Calypso category, the Finalists are: Alpheus “Observer” Duncan, Alexis “Lexi” Joseph, Glenroy “Sulle” Caesar, Noel “Defoe” Castello and Vivian “I-come” Miller.

The line-up in the Soca category features Orlando “Syxx Krazzi” Foster, Aurella “Queen B” Beache, Godwin “Gao” Billy Cleo “Cleo Patra” Hendrickson and Tamisha Nicholls.

And in the Ragga Soca category, the Finalists are: Travis “wiz skid” lynch, Aurella “Queen B” Beache, Tamisha Nicholls, Cleo “Cleo Patra” Hendrickson and Mikey “Vincy Marshall” Mc Dowell.

The Finalists and a representative from the band K-netik are expected to attend a meeting at five this afternoon at the Victoria Park.