Fundraising Initiative To Assist Rebuilding Efforts In SVG Launched In England

A new Fundraising Initiative has been launched in England, to assist this Country’s rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of the December 2013 devastating Floods.

The Caribbean Peoples Foundation, set up by a group of High Wycombe residents has been launched to support cash-strapped Caribbean states that have been devastated by storms.

The Group is already working closely with this country’s High Commission in England to help rebuild the country after torrential rain and flooding caused major devastation last December.

Co-founder and chair of the foundation, Vincentian Clintel Rose, says they are compelled, first by their sense of patriotism and second by their sense of humanity to reach out to the people in the Caribbean.

Mr. Rose, a Bucks County Council employee, stressed that the foundation is targeting the Dutch, Spanish and French Caribbean in this initiative, and they are hoping to get all the various high commissions involved.

The foundation, which had its first fundraising venture in February, is planning a gospel concert later this year and a special event to mark this country’s Independence in October.