Dennis Ambrose – Carnival Festivities

Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Dennis Ambrose has made it clear that the CDC “does not back away” as it regards to the launching of this country’s carnival festivities.

His remarks came at a news briefing on Tuesday when he said that some persons perceive that the launching should be scaled down to that of a block- o style event.

Mr. Ambrose said however that he is pleased that the spirit of the event of the launching was “highly preserved”.

The CDC Chairperson said that he was pleased to see many young person’s participating in this year’s carnival launching and is confident that their objective of staging the launching were achieved.

Meantime, Mr. Ambrose admits that there were some challenges to stage this year’s launching of the said magnitude, as the CDC is still trying to clear some expenses of the 2013 festival.

He assures however, that the economy of five years ago is not the same as today, and one should not lose sight of the fact that the general cost of conducting businesses continues to increase globally.