Fisherman’s Month Activities Progresses

The Fisherman’s Day Committee says activities being held during Fisherman’s Month are progressing well thus far.

The month of activities is taking place under the theme “Fishing for Today’s Family, Create A Healthy Society”. This year’s Slogan is “Fish to Survive and Thrive”.

Assistant Public Relations Officer for the Fisherman’s Day Committee, Roxanne Pompey tells NBC News that a number of successful events have been held since the launch of the month of activities.

Miss Pompey said the activities will continue on May 30th with a Fish night to be hosted by the Calliaqua Fisheries Co-operative at the Calliaqua playing field.

She said this will be followed by a series of activities in Rose Place, organized by the Good Will Fishers Co-operative.

The activities will Climax on June 9th with the National Fisherman’s Day Competition which takes place at the Calliaqua Fisheries Complex.