Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Distribution

The Ministry of Agriculture has begun distributing pigs to pig producers who were affected by the floods of December 2013.

A release from the Ministry of Agriculture says the first 4 of over 65 targeted pig producers who are to be assisted under the recovery program for the agricultural sector, yesterday received replacement stock for the animals lost in the December floods of 2013

Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar handed over the first batch of pigs to four farmers at Georgetown. This is to be followed by the distribution of an additional 64 pigs

The assistance is being provided under the Recovery Program for the Agricultural Sector, through which farmers affected by the trough system of December 2013 are being provided with assistance to re-start their farming operations at advanced levels.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the livestock sector recorded a loss of animals and infrastructure amounting to some $873,000 which has seriously affected mainly the smaller farmers.

In response, the Government sought and received assistance from the FAO which provided US$ 320,000 in emergency assistance for the recovery of vulnerable farmers affected by the December 2013 rains.

In support of this, the government through the Farmer Support Company (FSC), contributed a sum of $750,000 to the recovery effort.

Minister Caesar said the pigs are being provided through the assistance of the Farmers Support Company and that in addition to being given.