Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism Meeting

Fisheries Officers and Scientists from throughout the Region will wrap up deliberations at the 10th Annual Scientific Meeting the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) which is taking place here.

A meeting is taking place at the locally-based CRFM Secretariat, located on the top floor of the Corea’s Building on Halifax Street, Kingstown.

The sessions, which opened last week Tuesday, have been focussing on analysing fisheries data and providing recommendations for improving management of reef and slope fisheries, pelagic fisheries and continental shelf fisheries as well as related statistics and research.

The meeting has also been looking at building regional capacity in statistical analysis of fisheries data to better inform fisheries management decision-making.

The formal opening for today’s session begins at nine this morning.

During today’s forum, the findings of the meeting will be presented and recommendations provided for fisheries management planning and decision-making purposes at both the national and regional levels.