Steel And Glitter Panorama Competition Tonight

Carnival action will continue at the Victoria Park tonight with the Steel and Glitter Show, featuring the Sections of the Bands and the Senior Panorama Competitions.

In the Senior Panorama Competition, Seven Steel Bands will challenge the reigning Panorama Champions Sion Hill Euphonium.

The challengers are: Potential Steel Orchestra; Georgetown All Stars; Sea Operations Starlift; Vita Malt Symphonix; SVG Port Authority Genesis; Scotia Bank South East; and Elite Steel Orchestra.

And in the Sections of the Bands Competition, eleven mas bands will be competing for the Sections of the Bands title.

The line-up comprises: Blondie Bird and Friends; Tribes Mas Band; Melbourne’s Artisans; Xtreme Fanatics; Imagination Mas Band; High Voltage; Owen Ralph and the Professionals; Beautex International; Nelson Block; Dragons Mas Band and SVG Players International.

Tonight’s Show is scheduled to get underway at eight