Ministry Of Health Warns Against Potential Food Poisoning And Removal Of Grills

Food handlers who own and operate barbeque grills are being advised to remove all grills from public places or operation sites after they have been used.

A release from the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment further advised food handlers that disposable glasses and cups made of foam, sponge, plastic and other similar material are not to be used to light grills, given that material of this type releases toxic/poisonous chemicals that will contaminate the food being prepared on the grills.

The Ministry is urging the cooperation of all food handlers as efforts are being made to maintain good food safety practices throughout the country.

It says failure to comply with the guidelines being given may result in legal action being taken by the Public Health Department in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, pursuant to the Public Health Act no.9 of 1977.