Ministry Of Health Is Taking Active Measures To Deal With The Chikungunya Outbreak

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment is heightening its multidisciplinary response to Chikungunya throughout the country.

A release from the Ministry says, as a consequence, during the next two weeks, the presence of Health professionals will be more evident in the a number of areas.

These include the areas from Byrea to Fancy on the Windward side of the mainland; from Spring to Chateaubelair on the Leeward side of the island and in the Grenadines on the Islands of Union Island and Mayreau

The Ministry says among the activities to be carried out are visits, health promotion activities, detailed inspections and fogging at homes, guest houses, hotels and institutions, in a bid to combat the high incidence of vector borne diseases throughout the country through closer interaction with the public.

It says it is aware that community participation is critical towards successfully reducing vector borne diseases.

And it is urging the general public to provide full co-operation as efforts are made to collaborate with all citizens at this critical juncture.