Ministry of Health One-Day Health Workshop

Stakeholders in the health sector will gather today for a one-day workshop, which will focus on new and re-emerging vector-bourne diseases, such as chikungunya and leptospirosis

The workshop will be hosted by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO.

A release from the Ministry of Health says the session is designed to sensitize stakeholders on vectors and their public health importance and how they affect different sectors of the government.

It is also intended to reiterate the importance of combating vectors through environmental management, and to obtain feedback from the stakeholders for inclusion in the work plan of the Insect Vector Control Unit.

The workshop will address the importance of vectors from a health and environment, tourism and agriculture perspective and how each sector is affected.
The forum will be convened at the Fisheries Division Conference Room from nine this morning.