Today Marks The 36th Anniversary Of The Last Eruption Of The La Soufriere Volcano

The volcano is dormant and there is every possibility that it could erupt in the future. As with anything weather related, trying to predict when nature will strike isn’t a sure thing. There are however means by which volcanologists can predict when a volcano might erupt.

Scientists say that predicting volcanic eruptions may actually be easier than predicting earthquakes. This, because molten magma has to break through rock in order to escape. This process causes the ground to swell and mini earthquakes that can be detected by seismometers.

According to LIVESCIENCE.COM satellite radar maps could make it possible to forecast eruptions. This is because volcanoes tend to deform before they erupt. The measuring of these deformations from space could aid in prediction.
Warning signs of an eruption can come weeks or even months before the actual event.

The La Soufriere volcano last erupted on April 13th 1979.