SVG Diaspora Committee of New York To Hold Major Events

Two major Vincentian events will be convened in New York Saturday spearheaded by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Diaspora Committee of New York.

The first event will be a Diaspora Leadership Workshop at The Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center in Brooklyn, from 10am to 1pm.

The theme of the Diaspora Leadership Workshop is “Women, Migration and Development”.

The objectives of the workshop are to provide an opportunity for Vincentians in the Diaspora to build their capacity for providing high quality leadership around issues relating to Women, Migration and Development; as well as to learn about the latest information regarding Women, Migration and Development.

The second event will be a special historic sports meeting of the newly created SVG-USA Sports Association.

The major objectives of the meeting are to Adopt a Constitution; Adopt a Plan of Activities for 2015 and; Hold elections for the Executive Committee of the new SVG-USA Sports Association.

This meeting will also be held at The Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center, on Saturday beginning at 4pm.

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  1. Yes I ah I will like to send out greetings to the people of the blessed islands of St Vincent and the grenadines greetings from London…just want to let you the people know that the time is nigh take heed protect the independence of this great nation we may be just a dot on the map but our togetherness and unity is there in an abundant for other nations to see.

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