PM On Government’s Website Hacking

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has assured Vincentians that the Government’s e-mail system was not compromised when the Government website was hacked on Sunday.

The Prime Minister gave the assurance, as he responded to a question on the issue, at a News Conference yesterday.

The unauthorized access of the website was carried out by an entity claiming to be the Islamic State. The message posted on the website referred to the United States and NATO, saying they are involved in “Organized butchery of the Human Race”.

Discussing the issue at yesterday’s Briefing, the Prime Minster said the Government had informed its diplomatic allies of the development, including the United States State Department.

He said Government professionals are working on the system, with assistance professionals from local telecommunications providers.

The hacking incident resulted in the postponement of the launch of Government’s National Portal Intranet and Electronic Archiving System, which was scheduled to take place on Monday.

(The picture displayed is what visitors to the website would have seen)