Book Exhibition At The Cruise Ship Terminal

Vincentians and visitors are being offered an opportunity to peruse a range of publications, now on display at a Book Exhibition at the Cruise Ship Terminal in Kingstown.

The exhibition dubbed “Changing Human Thoughts and Actions, One Book at a Time” commenced on Monday June 1st at the R & M Book Centre.

Proprietor of the Centre, Local Historian Dr. Edgar Adams says the display features a wide range of books from which Vincentians can gain a wealth of knowledge.

He said the exhibition will run into the Tourism season later this year and while all of the featured books can be accessed for research, some will also be on sale.

The display includes a range of local publications, local art, Bibles and culinary publications.

It also features a number of important items on La Soufriere Volcano as well as the 250th Anniversary of the Botanic Gardens.