Regional Delegates Tourism Workshop

Regional delegates will gather here this week for a three-day workshop which will focus on Building Resilience in the Tourism and Fisheries Sectors

The forum is being co-ordinated by the OECS Commission, anhd will be held from Monday to Wednesday.

A release from the OECS Commission says the workshop will focus on “sharing best practices to build resilience in the tourism and fisheries sectors”

The Commission says this will enable fisheries and tourism stakeholders to better collaborate and participate in activities that contribute to sustainability of the use of coastal and ocean resources.

It says the aim of the workshop is to increase the knowledge of key tourism and fisheries stakeholders on climate change impacts on their sectors and best practices for building resilience at the sectoral, organisational and community levels.

The workshop is targetting personnel from the Ministries of Tourism and Fisheries Departments, in addition to fisherfolk organisations and tourism operators.

The event will be held at the Sunset Shores Hotel at Villa.