Seaweed Task Force

The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is taking steps to address the challenges posed by the large volumes of seaweed which ave been washing up on some beaches here.

The seaweed has also been washing up in large quantities on the shores of several Caribbean countries.

Senior Fisheries Officer Chris Isaacs says a Task Force made up of representatives from various Government entities, has been established here to address the issue.

Mr. Isaacs says the Task Force has developed an Action plan to address the problem, which would include harvesting the seaweed from some beaches.

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  1. Sargassum solutions that are :

    less violent for the beaches (backhoe and excavator are just ruining the shores),
    more efficient (25t/h of seaweed collected),
    sustainable (possibility to re-use the collected sargassum)

    can be found here :

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