Meeting Of Parliament Tomorrow

Nine Bills are listed to be dealt with at a meeting of Parliament set to take place tomorrow.

Five of these are listed to receive their first reading: The Loan Authorization Republic of China Bill; The Customs Duties Amendment Bill; The Eastern Caribbean Asset Management Corporation Bill; The Denniston Douglas Pension Declaration Bill; and The Caribbean Accreditation Authority Medicine and Other Health Professions Bill.

Select Committee Reports are expected to be tabled on:The Anti-Terrorist Financing and Proliferation Bill; and The Geothermal Resources Development Bill.

Two private Bills are also listed to receive their second reading.

The Order Paper also includes a Resolution to be moved by Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar, calling on Parliament to approve the establishment of a Parliamentary Front Against Hunger and Undernourishment.

Fifteen questions are listed for oral answers from the Opposition.
Tomorrow’s meeting is set to begin at ten in the morning at the Assembly Chamber in Kingstown