Retreat Rethink Retool

A series of professional development sessions for education officers in the Ministry of Education will take place under the theme Retreat…Rethink…Retool.

The sessions, which are being launched today, will continue on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Officers of the Curriculum Development Unit, the School Supervision and Inspection Unit, the Early Childhood Education Unit, among others, are in attendance.

The Ministry of Education says the retreat provides an opportunity for Education Officers to reflect on practice, gain insight into contemporary research findings and develop specific strategies to effectively implement programs in keeping with policy, practice and community needs.

The officers will also develop professional development plans for struggling teachers, while enhancing their own competence in coaching and mentoring teachers.

All sessions are being held at the Roman Catholic Pastoral Centre in Edinboro from 9:00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.