Caribbean Countries Vulnerable To Crime And Violence says Minister Gonsalves

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Consumer Affairs, Camillo Gonsalves, has emphasized the importance of Security to national development.

Minister Gonsalves made the point as he addressed stakeholders at the opening yesterday of the third in a seven-part series of discussions on Sustainable Human Development and Citizen Security, facilitated by the United Nations Development Project (UNDP).

He explained that a Government’s ability to ensure the security of its citizens is not only a cornerstone of state survival, but also an important issue of national and human development.

Mr. Gonsalves stressed that citizen security is necessary for production, investment and entrepreneurship.

Minister Gonsalves noted that Caribbean countries have been at an intersection of crime development and liberty for some years, and said the region’s small size, open borders, limited resources, and geographic location makes it vulnerable to crime and violence.