Road Paving Challenges

The Ministry of Transport and Works says it is facing challenges with the supply of Asphalt from local suppliers for a number of road projects around the country.

Chief Engineer, Brent Bailey tells NBC News, members of the public have raised concerns regarding the state in which some of the nation’s roads are in.

He however notes, while they are seeking to have this issue addressed as soon as possible, the country only has two Asphalt suppliers which are Dipcon Engineering and the International Airport Development Company (IADC)

According to Mr. Bailey, the IADC’s primary focus is to provide Asphalt for the paving of the Argyle International Airport, although it provides available supplies when they are not paving. While Dipcon Engineering has been facing some challenges in providing the amount of Asphalt which is in demand.

Mr. Bailey also states that the Ministry has been facing some challenges in sourcing crushed stones for their road projects from local crushing plants. However the Ministry will be importing Crushed stones from neighboring countries to supplement the local supply.