Patriotic Week Is Next Week Here In SVG

Public servants are being asked to showcase their love for country in the week leading up to our 36th year of independence.

Permanent Secretary (PS), in the Ministry of Public Service and Information, Morine Williams, says that the week leading up to our independence celebrations has been dubbed “Patriotic Week”.

The first ever “Patriotic Week” week runs from October 19-26 and Williams says that it is about celebrating St. Vincent and the Grenadines, showing love for country and being proud to be Vincentian.

The PS noted that Monday October 26 is designated as “Public Service Patriotic Day” and public servants are being asked to wear all three national colours, start their workday with the national Anthem and eat local foods.

During the week, members of the public service are being asked to wear the national colours I their normal work attire, and are being encouraged to decorate their offices in a way that evokes love for country.