PM Appeals To Farmers

Prime Minister, Doctor Ralph Gonsalves has made an urgent appeal to the nation’s farmers to prudently select the produces that they grow, to sustain their livelihoods.

He made this plea while addressing the opening of an Agricultural Exhibition, held last Thursday to coincide with World food Day, which was observed on Friday October 16th.

Prime Minister Gonsalves said the nation only has twenty thousand acres of land which is suitable for growing crops. Due to this, farmers have to ensure that the food which they produce can sustain their livelihoods.

According to the Prime Minister, because a lot of land does not exist for farming, the nation’s farmers must ensure that they maximize their production while ensuring high quality yields.

The Prime Minister noted this the Government continues to implement programs to work closer with farmers to ensure that Agricultural production for the limited arable land space is maximized.

In addition, Doctor Gonsalves pointed out that modern farmers in the nation require scientific approaches while farming in an environmentally sustainable manner for the continued growth of the Agricultural sector.