Greggs Softball Cricket Results

In last weekend’s matches of the Hairoun/Sea Operations/Courtesy Sports, Greggs Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship, there were victories for Top ‘Shottaz Squady’, CMT ‘Outa’ Trouble Family, Owia Young Strikers, Sea Operations ‘Nar Fren Dem’ and Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines All ‘Starz’.

Top ‘Shottaz Squady’ defeated Godson Cain Highlanders by sixty three runs.

Top ‘Shottaz Squady’, made a total of one hundred and twenty runs for six wickets off fifteen overs. Kentish Phillips scored fifty runs, while Danroy Fergus claimed three for twenty six.

Godson Cain Highlanders served fifty seven runs off twelve point two overs. Elric Morris four for fourteen.

CMT ‘Outa’ Trouble Family won by one run from CGM Novice.

The scores, CMT Trouble Family one hundred and eleven for nine off seventeen overs. Nolan Williams three for seventeen. CGM Novice one hundred and eleven for nine off seventeen overs. Imran Samuel three for forty four runs.

Owia Young Strikers beat Smashers by nineteen runs. Owia Young Strikers scored one hundred and five runs for seven wickers off of twenty overs. Smashers eighty eight for eight off twenty overs. Rollando Wright three for seventeen.

Sea Operations ‘Nar Frn Dem’ eighty nine off seventeen point four overs. Tydel Richards four for fifteen, and Handel Antoine three for eleven. Log Enterprises Supreme Strikers forty six off fifteen overs. Clinton Woods three for four.

Bank of SVG All Starz beat Clinchers by three runs.

The scores, Bank of SVG All Starz one hundred and eleven for for nine off twenty overs. Marlon Farrel three for eleven. Nice Radio Clinchers one hundred and eight for eight off twenty overs. Kalique Samuel three for eleven.