Political Parties Manifestos

Vincentians can now access the manifestos of two of the four political parties contesting the December 9th 2015 General Elections.

On Wednesday morning the parliamentary opposition the New Democratic Party launched its 83 page manifesto at the Party’s headquarters at Richmond Hill. While, last evening, the Democratic Republican Party launched its 36 page manifesto document at a meeting at the fountain gap in the West St. George constituency.

Meanwhile, at a constituency meeting in Clare Valley on Sunday night political leader of the Unity Labour Party and Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves spoke to the ULP’s two manifestos, the party’s youth and general manifestos, which will be launched soon.

And, the SVG Green Party leader Ivan O’ Neil recently told NBC news that by the end of this week his party will be launching its manifesto and a total of 7 candidates to contest the December 9th General Elections.