There were victories for Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars, Dr Thomas Injectors and Stingers last weekend at the Dauphine Playing Field in the National Lotteries Authority Top Belair Progressive Organization (TBPO) Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship.

Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars had a 6-wicket win over Georgie Valley Saints. The scores: Georgie Valley Saints 69 off 14.4-overs; Earl Pope 5 for 12, Desmond Bramble 2 for 10, Dwayne Williams 2 for 19, Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars 74 for 4 off 10.1-overs; Ron Adams 18, Asquith Mapp 17; Zane Greaves took 2 for 11.

Dr Thomas Injectors gained a 5-wicket victory over Mac’s Little Saints. The scores: Mac’s Little Saints 83 for 7 off 20-overs; Jason Jackson 19; Kesron Ashton 4 for 12, Dr Thomas Injectors 85 for 5 off 12-overs; Elroy Nanton 49 not out; Omari John 2 for 19, Mckeal Toussaint 2 for 21.

Stingers beat New Track Guys by 102 runs. The scores: Stingers 181 for 2 off 20-overs; Adonis Nanton 73 not out, Calvert Simmons 49 not out, New Track Guys 79 off 16.3-overs; Dominic Bute 33; Bradley Richards 4 for 9, Keneal Skinner 2 for 13.