Petit Bordel Sec. School 10k Road Race

Shaquilla La Borde of Rodney House and Markie Edwards of Stephens House won the Girls and Boys Petit Bordel Secondary School 10K Athletics Road Race respectively.

La Borde finished the Girls Event in 23 minutes, 13.93 seconds, second was Zoe-Anna Francois of Williams House in 25 minutes, 15.22 seconds, and AN-TA-Y-LA Edwards of Rodney House third in 26 minutes, 18.16 seconds.

Meanwhile, Edwards won the Boys Race in 18 minutes, 52.16 seconds, Gavin Browne of Rodney House, second in 19 minutes, 18.23 seconds and Fitz Edwards of Shallow House third in 20 minutes, 10.68 seconds.

The Race started at the School, over to Chateaubelair, up to the Police Station Gap, around Golden Groove, through to Fitz Hughes and finish at the School.

The School will hold its 6-leg Road Relay tomorrow from Troumaca Bottom, up at the Fitz Hughes Arch to finish at the School at Petit Bordel. The Race is set to start at 1 pm.

The Athletics Championships is scheduled for Friday 5th February starting at nine in the morning.