Police Co-op Clinchers T20 Softball Opened

Nice Radio Clinchers won the One-over Ball-O-Rama Competition by beating All Stars in the Final, and A Select X1 defeated Police Co-operative Credit union Team as this year’s Police Co-operative Credit Union Clinchers Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship opened at the Richland Park Oval yesterday.

The March-pass was won by Smart Strikers, second was Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars and Nice Radio Clinchers third.

Eleven of the 20 teams registered took part in the opening Ceremony which heard addresses from Area Representative, St Clair Jimmy Prince, Vice-President of Clinchers Sports Club Rohan Giles, while President of the Police Co-operative Credit Union, Junior Simmons and Patmos Richards, a Representative of the National Softball Association.

The Championship will begin in earnest next weekend.

Gairy Construction Simple Boys are the defending champions.