SVG Boy’s Grammar School And Girl’s High School Athletics Sports Results

Lopey House (YELLOW) and Staff House (GREEN) retained the St. Vincent Grammar School and the Girls High School Athletics Titles respectively yesterday at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex.

Lopey House finished with 1050 points in the Grammar School Championship, followed by Millar House (GREEN) with 977, Reeves House (BLUE) third with 940 points and fourth Crick House (RED) with 876 points.

The junior champion in the Grammar School was Verrol Sam with 49 points. Javon Rawlins of Millar House with 69 points was the Intermediate champion and the victor Ludorum and the senior Champion was Saboto Mc Dowall of Reeves House with 49 points.

Staff House chalked up 1171 points to retain the Girls High School Championship, second was Headmistress House (BLUE) with 995 points, Muffet House (YELLOW) third with 952 and fourth Grimble House (RED) with 895 points.

Nicole Stephens of Grimble House was the junior champion with 42 points, the Intermediate champion was Tamara Woodley with 82 points and Shantell Williams was the senior champion with 85 points. Williams was also the Victrix Ludorum.

Both Schools held 24 Events are listed for Competition in both Schools.