June 22, 2024

1 thought on “German Tourist Attacked And Killed At Walliabou

  1. I condemn this reckless killing on the yacht at Walliabou, What is the purpose of this senseless killing, do we have no regards for life, our Country was chose to spend their vocation, what they have belongs to them, the Bible teaches that by the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread, but there are some who don’t wants to work but they wants to eat, there are other who don’t satisfy with what they have, so they rob, steal and murder, I said when they caught kill them too. To many violence in our country, who is doing these things they must stop, get a job or create one to get the things you need, and satisfy with what you have, don’t turn our blessed land into the wild, wild west of USA, let peace reign, Welcome our Visitors who chose our country to enjoy what we have to offer., treat them well that they come again and bring more people to our shore what about the security at Walliabou. My heart felt sympathy to the German families for the reckless killing of your love one. Please don’t let this change your mind of our Country we’re not all the same.
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