Nl Women’s T20 Softball Cricket

Golden Girls of Fitz Hughes, Upsetters of Chateaubelair, Rose Bank United and Attack Girls of Spring won last weekend matches in the 2016 DMG Furniture North Leeward Women’s 15-overs a-side Softball Cricket Championship at the Fitz Hughes Playing Field and at the Sharpes Playing Field in Chateaubelair respectively.

At Fitz Hughes, Golden Girls of Fitz-Hughes defeated Corea’s Troumaca Champions by 23 runs in a keenly contested game. The scores: Golden Girls 114 for 8 off 15-overs; Shanel Mc Kie 41, Christel Trumpet 19; Sandrika Hooper 4 for 21, Corea’s Troumaca Champions 91; K Lewis 48; Christel Trumpet 3 for 7.

Upsetters of Chateaubelair secured a 9-wicket win over Simple Champions of Fitz-Hughes. The scores: Simple Champions 87 off 10.2-overs; Patiesha Thomas 28, Kelvern Spring 24. Xavian Stephens 4 for 10, Upsetters 88 for 1 off 7.3-overs; Tamika Marshall 26, Kayana Charles 24.

Rose Bank United beat Ghetto Girls of Petit Bordel by 133 runs at the Sharpes Playing Field in Chateaubelair. The scores: Rose Bank United 229 for 4 off 15-overs; Veron Edwards 92, K. Francois 43; Ghetto Girls 96 off 11.3-overs; Josel Jack 44.

Upsetters eked out a narrow 2-run win over Corea’s Troumaca Champions. SCORES: Upsetters 151 in 15-overs; Tamika Marshall 38, Venola Samuel 36; Sandrika Hooper 3 for 31, Troumaca Corea’s Champions. 149 off 14.3-overs; K. Lewis 84.

And, Attack Girls of Spring Village beat Pace Setters by 129 runs. The scores: Attack Girls 237 for 4 off 15-overs. Sade Williams made the first century (108), former National all-rounder, Jennifer Charles hit 68, Pace Setters 40 off 8.1-overs; Uriah Lett 17; V. John 5 for 10.