CBA Carnival Blast Today And Tomorrow

The Executive of the Carnival Bands Association (CBA) is promising that today’s launch of the competing Mas Bands for 2016, during an event dubbed Xtreme Carnival Blast, will feature entertainment for the entire family.

The commitment was given during a news briefing hosted by the CBA on Tuesday to update the public on preparations for the event.

During the news briefing, a member of the Carnival Bands Association (CBA), Alvene Codougan said the event will begin at 2pm today with a Children Fun activity and this will be followed by the adult entertainment from 6pm.

She said the event will end at 2 am tomorrow morning and it will feature many aspects of Vincentian culture and Carnival along with a number of different exhibitions and stalls.

Another Member of the Carnival Bands Association (CBA), Alicia Sardine said the event will promote every aspect of Vincy Mas and they will also provide an avenue for the young and upcoming entertainers to showcase their talent alongside the seasoned artistes.

It will take place at the Victoria Park.