Police Out In Numbers This Carnival To Protect The Public

Inspector Hawkins Nanton from the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is appealing to Carnival patrons to ensure that they secure themselves and their properties when they leave home to participate in Carnival activities for 2016.

Inspector Nanton also reiterated that the Police will be out in their numbers this year’s Carnival, as is the custom to ensure that all patrons to the event can enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

He is also appealing to people to cooperate with the police and to settle their differences in a peaceful and mature manner.

Inspector Nanton is also appealing to everyone especially vendors to adhere to the No Glass Bottle Policy that has been put in place for the Carnival celebrations.

1 thought on “Police Out In Numbers This Carnival To Protect The Public

  1. Too bad a person has to do this before leaving home. If everyone loved their neighbour as themselves we would not need to secure our properties.

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